Supporting Storytellers at the Library

Since 2001, the Canadian Public Relations Society of Vancouver Island (CPRS-VI) has made it easier for public relations professionals to stay current in their field through annual grants to the Greater Victoria Public Library (GVPL) for the purchase of publications for the library’s public relations collection.

“When I was preparing for my Accredited in Public Relations designation, I was grateful to have the complete recommended reading list at the tips of my fingers,” said CPRS-VI president Peggy Kulmala. “I simply logged onto the GVPL site to request that the materials be delivered to my local branch, and picked them up the next working day. I believe having such convenient and quick access was key to my success.”

CPRS-VI has made a commitment to contribute 25 percent of the year-end interest from its investments to GVPL, which results in an approximately $400 grant every year.

“This generous donation allows us to expand the depth and breadth of GVPL’s public relations collection,” says Rina Hadziev, coordinator of collections and technical services at GVPL. “The commitment CPRS-VI has made to supporting their field is unique and special. We’re glad to be part of this partnership, to play a role in helping public relations professionals improve their craft.”

Any BC resident with a GVPL library card or a BC OneCard  can access the collection, which includes e-books.

CPRS-VI also contributes 50 percent of its investment interest to the CPRS Conference Grant and 25 percent to the Dennis Racine Student Bursary. CPRS-VI’s investments are managed by the Victoria Foundation and administered by the Communications and Public Relations Foundation.

“As member, I am very thankful that CPRS-VI’s 2001 Board had the foresight to invest its share of the proceeds from the 2001 CPRS conference in Whistler,” said Peggy. “The decision to invest in our membership in perpetuity was smart and progressive.”

CPRS-VI is Vancouver Island’s only professional development and networking association for public relations, communications and marketing practitioners. CPRS-VI works to strengthen the Island’s public relations community through advocacy, networking events, mentorship opportunities, professional development activities and other unique programming.


Peggy Kulmala of CPRS-VI and Rina Hadziev of GVPL with the library’s public relations collection on December 1 at the Central Branch. Photo by Jessica Woollard.



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