Herkamal Brar: A Student’s Reflections

By Herkamal Brar


Studying communication at Royal Roads University has completely changed who I am as a person and how I see the world I live in. Before I began studying professional communication, I was working at a federal agency for about three years where I had transitioned from a student position to a full-time position. Over time, as I better understood the organization and how it worked, I was able to see how poor internal and external communication impacted the relationship between management and staff as well as the relationship the agency had with external audiences. It was this experience that inspired me to further my education and pursue a graduate degree in professional communication.

Public relations is all about connecting with audiences, building relationships, ensuring messages are delivered and understood as they were intended, and most importantly, it is about mutually beneficial and strategic relationships. It is through communication that we as humans make meaning of the world we live in and I find this to be extremely powerful. Communication practitioners play a vital role in connecting people and helping make sense of phenomena, which is why I am passionate about beginning a career in the communication field.

I am extremely grateful and thankful to be the recipient of the Denis Racine Bursary this year. CPRS-VI is a wonderful organization that provides students with excellent opportunities to learn, network, and connect with PR practitioners. Everyone I have met so far has been extremely kind, supportive, and welcoming. I look forward to attending many more events this year and continuing to learn about the public relations field.

 Herkamal Brar and Jennifer Beaupre were the recipients of the 2015 Denis Racine Bursary.


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